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Power Pak 23/24

I wanted to "Thank" these very special CES Students that had helped me ALL year with our M25 Power Pak Program!  They are students from the CES Business Club that come down EVERY Thursday and helped me fill food bags EVERY week!  I could NOT have done it without them.                                         They are:  Brooklyn Wade
                      Olivia Pugh
                      Anna Pacheco
                      Grace Bertelli

We also had a "little" helper that would also  help out when she could.                                Thank you, Matea Gjergi!

Here are some of the pics of us enjoying ourselves while we work!


THANK YOU!  Athens Generator Plant Staff!

           These are some of Matthew 25 friends!                 Thank you 

Kyle Kubler, O&M Manager

Steve Cole, Plant Manager, 

Brittany Williams and Jenna Lang!

Thank you to ALL of the Employees and Administrators of Athens Generator that go out their way and raise money for Matthew 25 EVERY year!  

We so appreciate YOU ALL!

This year was the BIGGEST donation EVER!!!

We will have a GREAT Thanksgiving and Christmas!

WOW!  Thank YOU ALL!!!


CES Student Council

This was one of my favorite times of Matthew 25.  Student Council collected over 950 boxes of cereal.  They invited me to school and in the gym they had all the boxes lined up!  It was amazing!  Thank you so much Barb Erceg and Student Council Members!!!

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