Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Volunteers of Matthew 25 came out to pack over 100 bags of groceries for the people of Catskill, on Saturday, April 21st.  The food pantry was closed for the Easter holiday, on Sunday, a normal day of operation.  Therefore, the volunteers packed two shopping bags for each family.  The Easter dinners included, canned vegetables, potatoes, carrots, bread, milk, salad, ham, cold cuts, dessert, and a gift.  Some of the larger families received a turkey.  Unfortunately, with the heavy rain, we had 29 families that did not show up.  But that did not deter our volunteers.  Some of the families that were unable to show because of the weather, received the gift of Easter dinner at their front door.  Thanks to all you volunteers that showed up to help, and a special thanks to Mrs. Dushane!

Please visit our photo gallery for more pictures of Easter 2019!

Hi Everyone!  Now since the weather is getting colder and snow is quickly approaching us.  Could you please check your closets for coats, jackets or sweaters that you may not want?    

Our clients could certainly use them to keep warm and YOU will have a warm feeling for donating to Matthew 25.         

Just a reminder that EVERYTHING is FREE at Matthew 25!  We do not charge for anything!       Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Matthew 25 will be having "Thanksgiving Baskets" again this year!  Sign ups will begin on Monday, October 22nd.  WE will be handing out our "Thanksgiving Baskets" on 

Saturday, November 17th at 10 a.m. 

Please call or stop in to register.  YOU must have a ticket to reserve your spot. 

Call me at 518-821-7298. 

Thank you!

       THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!   
         THANK YOU!
To ALL the wonderful people who "Adopted" families with our "Adopt a Family" program! 
YOU took care of 42 children this year!  A very special "Thank YOU!" to Sean, Kim and Natasha from the Creekside!  They were so kind to take on 5 families and went above and beyond for them. They received so much and when they got BICYCLES... Well... really what could I say??? YOU guys are amazing!   Each and everyone of you are AMAZING!  You are beautiful inside and out !
 May God bless each and every one of your families in the upcoming New Year!
                    Thank you
                         to the
  Mountain River Christian Church
They made some beautiful, tasty Christmas cookies! 
The clients loved them!  AND so did I! 
                     Thank you!
Blessings to you and your families for the 
               upcoming New Year!
Thanksgiving 2017
This the Staff of Athens Generator Plant and also the 3 young men in the front are deputies from the Greene County Sheriff's Office. Everyone helped pack the bags for our clients.  Matthew 25 handed out 110 Turkey Baskets.  Our clients had everything for a very nice turkey dinner at home with their families.  I would like to THANK all the VOLUNTEERS that gave up their time to help us.  YOU did an amazing job and I am so appreciative for ALL of you! 
Awww.... Good times at Matthew 25!  These Business Club Members took care of the "Power Pak" program ALL year!  They would come every Thursday and pack up bags with food for children who did not have enough food for the weekends.  They pack food for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday until they come back to school on Monday.  The kids then bring their empty Power Pak bag back to school on Monday and we start all over again filling their bags. Our kids are amazing!  This year 2017-2018 we serve 55 students from the Catskill Elementary School.