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Christmas Helpers!!!

Here is SOME of the best, darn Christmas volunteers around!​                      I couldn't do it without them!

Harold, Judy, Heather (The Elf), Scott and Veronica (Fortnightly)

Thank you all very much!

This was our Christmas 2022.  When our clients came in they were able to pick out gifts for everyone in the household.  Matthew 25 also gave out gifts to everyone who came down!  Merry Christmas!

We purchased new coats, pajamas, gloves, scarves and hats to give out for Christmas.  The CTA and CSEA donated alot more Christmas toys for us to give out.  Also, Larry Siracusano, from Sawyers Catskill, donated alot more toys to give out to the children for Christmas!  I believe that EVERYONE had a great Christmas!  Thank you friends!

Chris, Me, Steve and Brittany

Thank you for your generous donation!

Athens Gen & M25 Volunteers

Packed bags ready!

Athens Generator Staff

Packing Bags for Thanksgiving

Athens Generator Staff

Preparing Table for Thanksgiving Bags

It's that time of the year again!  THANKSGIVING 2021!  Here we are with the Athens Generator Staff with Matthew 25 Volunteering unloading, preparing, packing and organizing the 100 Thanksgiving Bags to give out at Matthew 25.  A lot of HARD work goes on behind the scenes that people are NOT aware of.  Believe me when I say that I appreciate each and everyone of your help!  Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!

Wino's Crew M.C.

Thank you Mic LaRose for your donation!

Colin Sweet, Casey Zarriello & Kimberly Waliszewski

Their job gave them time to volunteer! So they helped us unload the truck for Thanksgiving! Thank you ALL!

Social Distancing

Our Holidays 2021

Time to come in... Social Distancing

Matthew 25 met new people who donated to our causes and had the honor of having our old friends come and help as well.

Everything that YOU do is for YOUR community!  We at Matthew 25 genuinely appreciate ALL that you do!  This year we had to Social Distance as well.  Everyone masked up as they came inside.  Everyone got hand sanitizer and a mask if needed.  We always want to keep our clients safe!

Athen's Generator Staff

These guys unloaded trucks and bagged 100 bags of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Creekside Restaurant

Juan, Shane & Maurice brings gifts up!

Home Depot

Eleanor drops off Christmas gifts for our "Adopt A Family"

"Run For A Clause"

These guys brought Christmas gifts and a generous check!

CHRISTMAS 2021!  What can I say but... THANK YOU!  Matthew 25 is so blessed to have you to help us every year!  Without you, our success is impossible!  We served over 100 Families!  We gave out beautiful Christmas Ham Dinners and EVERY person received gifts from Matthew 25.                     

Our "Adopt A Family" program served 38 Families and 79 children! Thank you ALL for ANY part you or your company had in our success!  YOU made the children and families of Greene County very happy!!!  Thank YOU! 

Ellen, Manager Dollar General

Donated toys every week for children

Lana Mitchell, Mom-trepreneur

Donated personal gifts from her business


Elf Volunteer

Athens Generator Staff

Preparing to pack bags for holidays

Everyone has helped to make our holidays a HUGE success!  Thank you so much Ellen for your generous donations from the Dollar General! Because of you... we were able to give each child 6 gifts!  Lana, thank you for thinking of our families.  I'm sure they will enjoy the little personal items that you donated to them.  Steve, what can I say, but THANK YOU! You and the CREW are amazing!  Love you guys!

Sawyers Catskill

Donations of Christmas Gifts

Catskill Rotary

Thank you for helping us with our "Adopt A Family!"

Elves preparing!

One last check... here we go!

What is this Reindeer up too???

Daniel the Reindeer

Packing bags for Christmas

Lynne, Heather & Melody

Prepping for Christmas gift give away!


Preparing the pj's

Scott the Grinch

My forever volunteer!

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