Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Photo reproduced courtesy of Columbia-Greene Media / Kennedy Foundation donates to local charities. (2019, March 29). Retrieved April 1, 2019, from

Thank you to the Raymond C. Kennedy Foundation !!!

On March 29th, 2019, Tami Lacy, Kelly Konsul, and Paul Zindell, on behalf of the Raymond C. Kennedy Foundation, gave Matthew 25 five thousand reasons to say thank you.  In the picture to the left, (courtesy of Columbia-Greene Media),  Tami Lacy, representing the Kennedy Foundation, hands a $5000 donation to Patti Dushane, the executive director for the Matthew 25 Food Pantry.  

Also pictured are Kelly Konsul, representing the Kennedy Foundation, handing a $5000 donation to Mary-Anne Kordich, president of the Green County Women's League.

Saturday, May 12th was "Stamp Out Hunger" day. The Mail Carriers leave a postcard a week prior to the pickup date at all the residents on their routes.  The postcard asks them to leave food out on their porch for all those that are less fortunate.  Then on Saturday, the Mail Carriers walk with a volunteers  from the local food pantries.  Every year we have AMAZING Mail Carriers and Volunteers!!! This year we had Matt and Austin Baker that partnered up and also Chris with Scott Baker.  These young boys were phenomenal,  they walked with the Mail Carrier all day!  They gave up their Saturday, got soaking wet (because of the rain) and never complained once.  They loved it!  Thank you to Mail Carrier Lisa Holsapple who planned, implemented and followed up on Stamp Out Hunger program.  A very SPECIAL "Thank You!" to Matt and Chris, you guys are amazing!  Thanks for helping the kids!  A special THANK YOU to Heather Karch for riding around with me ALL day picking up food!  Matthew 25 is so blessed to have great volunteers!!  AND Thank you to ALL the residents of the village and Jefferson Heights for donating to Matthew 25.  The food was a blessing.

This is Austin Baker with Mail Carrier Matt

Thank you guys!

This is Scott Baker with Mail Carrier Chris.

Thank you guys!

Matthew 25 owes so much to Athens Generator Plant!  You have been one of our biggest donators and we could not have been in business so long without you!  Every program that we have you are a part of... YOU have helped us to grow and better serve the people of Greene County.  THANK YOU to ALL the "golfers" and "donators" of the Athens Generator Plant.  A very special "Thank YOU!" to Kristine and Dwayne for making this all possible.

You and your company are a God send to a lot of people!

     Thank YOU to the Athens Generator Plant Family!!!

2017 - A very special THANK YOU! to ALL the people from Athens Generator Plant!  The Administration, the Employees, the Golfers and anyone that I might have missed (forgive me)   This year, 2018, not only did Athens Generator give us another "very generous" donation BUT the staff came down to help us prepare for the holidays!  Not just for Thanksgiving BUT for Christmas as well!  YOU all were a blessing!  It's a lot of hard work!  They helped us by unloading the truck, carrying the food in, packing bags with food for Thanksgiving and Christmas  and they even help set up all the Christmas gifts our clients would receive.  YOU did an AMAZING job!  and I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!  I wish I could do more for each and everyone of you... but all I can say is "Thank YOU!"  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Because of you... Matthew 25 is safe for another year! We will be able to start new programs and purchase healthier food for our clients.  We will now be starting a program called "Angels Wings."  This program will let us deliver to people with disabilities that can not personally come to Matthew 25, so we will deliver to them!  Thank you all!  I will keep you and your families in my prayers.   I will be adding some pictures of your staff that came down to Matthew 25 and helped us.  We had a lot of fun!  Thanks again!