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The Loss of a Friend

Posted by jesus7 on December 16, 2017 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (1)
On November 25, 2017, not only a volunteer of Matthew 25 but a friend as well, took his last journey. His journey to heaven. Billy Harte was with Matthew 25 since we got our new place from the county. He helped us fix up the new building and maintained the premises with my husband. Billy always greeted everyone with a smile at Matthew 25. Everyone who knew Billy knew that he would do anything for anyone. He would give you the shirt off his back! I know you are with the Lord now Billy, I seen the cross in the sky! We miss you so much! God be with you, until we meet again.

Thank YOU!

Posted by jesus7 on May 30, 2017 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Well... here we are... tomorrow is June 1st already!  Where does the time go?  While I have a chance to breathe, i would like to THANK everyone for ALL you do!  We truly live in a GREAT community, in this town, we still care about one another.  I know we hear alot of negative things that go on in this village but I would like to tell you of all the positive things in this village.  Do you know that we have volunteers that give of their time freely?  They work for me during the week and on the weekends to serve our clients that come to Matthew 25.  We have volunteers who work during the week, cleaning, stocking shelves, sorting clothes and etc. to get Matthew 25 ready for our clients.  We have men that maintain the outside of the building for us every week, they take the garbage to the dump, every week.  We are so grateful!  We have 4th and 5th grade students that come down every Thursday to pack our POWER Pak bags with food so that we can  give out to children at CES on Friday.  This way they children will have food for the weekend.  Did you know we have High School students that donate their time to help prepare for serving days?  YES, YES alot goes into the Matthew 25 Food Pantry!  Each and everyone of our Volunteers are amazing.  Lets not forget our "Donators"  They come down and give us, food, clothing, money and etc.  Nobody ever sees them, they don't brag about it, they just do it quietly.  Well, before I drag on, please know that Matthew 25 is so BLESSED with GREAT Volunteers, Donators and KIDS!!!  They you ALL from the bottom of my heart!  May God bless you and yours always!

Inspection Day!

Posted by jesus7 on October 29, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Yes... we must all go through it... the deadly "Inspection" day!  You try to prepare but you can't because you really don't know what to expect.  All you can do is hope and pray that YOU pass it!  ALL the volunteers got busy and cleaned and organized.  Nothing on the floor... thermometers are all in... paperwork is in order  and monthly numbers are all in.  Now we wait and see!  Well, the inspector came and it was a GREAT day!  We passed with EXCELLENCE!  That is because we at Matthew 25 are a GREAT team!  We not only serve our community but we take PRIDE in our volunteering.  They stay above and beyond their job!  So ... on that note... I want to give ALL the volunteers a great big SHOUT OUT!  Thank you so much for all you do!  Matthew 25 would not run as smooth as it does without you!  so again... I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Have a GREAT day and a BETTER tomorrow!

What happened to our page???

Posted by jesus7 on April 26, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (3)

What did happen to our page?  Well, I guess I got kind of busy and neglected to update it.  Thank goodness, that some of our clients visit the page because they are the ones who told me that the Matthew 25 Food Pantry webpage was not up.  I went to see what is wrong... you won't believe it!  Someone took the Matthew 25 domain name (I got hijacked!) and I had to change the domain name to  They would have given me the domain name but they wanted me to pay $500.00!!! Are you kidding me???   So.. I changed our domain name, bought new business cards and we are back on schedule.  Now I will do my best to keep you up to date on the happenings of Matthew 25. 

2014 Update

Posted by jesus7 on March 2, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Well... it certainly has been a long time since we last spoke.  Matthe 25 has undergone so many changes.  Thanks to you!  we had an excellent Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Our clients were so happy with their gifts and food.  This year we are adding more programs to the pantry.  We are starting the "Senior Brown Bag" program.  We are recruiting senior citizens that need a little help with their groceries.  The Matthew 25 Helping Hands children will be delivering these bags to them.  It is so nice when children really want to help others, instead of thinking of themselves.

We are in need of volunteers and drivers for Matthew 25.  If you know of any... please contact me at 943-5890 or 821-7298.

Thank you and thanks for your donations!

It's ALL coming together!

Posted by jesus7 on August 31, 2012 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (1)

This is soooo exciting! I have so much to tell you! We opened our doors on June 17th and have been very, very, busy since then! This past weekend we gave out "Backpacks" for children to go back to school with. We gave out so many... all we have left is school supplies! So if you need them come down and pick them up. School will be starting soon! and I know that some of you are REALLY happy about that! Me too! I am looking forward to it! We will be starting our "Power Pak" program in September again. This program is sponsored by the Catskill Elementary School Business Club. Their students help me fill these bags at the pantry and we bring them to school. On Fridays we pass them out to all the children on my list. My list is growing too! If you know any child in grades Kindergarten through 5th that could use a "little" extra food for the weekend, please let me know.

I am also excited about our new program that we will be starting up this year. The program will be called, "Senior Pals." We will have some elementary school children help me deliver "extra" bags of food for our Senior Citizens that may need a little help during these trying times. We will also try to help them with little things they may need to help them. We are looking forward to starting as soon as possible. If you know of any senior citizen that may need a "little" help, please let me know.

ALSO, we have been given donations to Matthew 25! and with this extra money we are so happy to be able to supply our friends with a little extra for the holidays. We will be having Thanksgiving Bags, Christmas Bags and Easter Bags! I am so excited!!! More info to follow as we go on!

I THANK You and Everyone who has helped Matthew 25 iin any way! God Bless YOU ALL and I personally want to THANK my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for everything He has done to help all of you!


Posted by jesus7 on June 15, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

WHEW!!!  The roof is done! 

The food is coming and we are organized ( a little). 

We will be opening on June 15th, Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

Come on down!  See what the Lord has done for us!

Building Fund-Raiser

Posted by jesus7 on March 8, 2012 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to give you an update on our fund-raising, so far, we are half way there!  We have alot of work to do but with your generous donations we will get it done.   We are waiting to hear from Lowe's to see how much they can help us out... then it's all downhill from there.  We will be in our new place by June 1st.  We just received our new rug!  It was 700 lbs.  Can you imagine?  We have a wonderful, volunteer from Windham Community Pantry, his name is Andy.  He is a retired "flooring" person, so he got our rug cheap and he is putting it down for nothing.  Great huh?

I can't believe how compassionate our community is! We have been through Hurricane Irene, Fires and other disasters and "our" community is still giving.  I know that it is hard on all our wallets but the best gift of all is to give to another in need.  My words can never express the gratitude that I have in my heart for all of you.

I am proud of my community and the good people in it.  I will gladly serve our community to the best of my ability as long as I can.   Now, make sure you all stop down to our new place, you are welcome anytime to "our" pantry.

With deepest gratitude,

Patti Dushane


WHAT? Another Move???

Posted by jesus7 on October 9, 2011 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

YES! Matthew 25 Food Pantry will be moving again. Since our Grand Opening, the County Legislatures decided to help us out. They will be donating one of the buildings for us to rent. The rent is so cheap! Everyone wants to pay it for the first five years! LOL

Anyway, your friends at Matthew 25 are very excited about this move. Hopefully, this will be our last! The place really needs alot of work and I do mean ALOT! We will be looking for volunteers that can help us fix this place up. Please feel free to call me at anytime. I did not know that the Lord wanted me to move again, but He has different plans than me. Get ready all my Boy Scout friends and Girl Scout friends... I am going to need your help again!

I will keep you posted of any changes. As always, Thank you ALL and God Bless!

Thank YOU to everyone who made our GRAND OPENING a special day!

Posted by jesus7 on August 31, 2011 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Thank you to everyone who attended the Grand Opening for Matthew 25. Our new location is 298 Main Street in Catskill, New York. What a GREAT day we had! Congressman Gibson, Senator Seward, Assemblyman Pete Lopez, Legislator Joe Izzo, Legislator Karen Deyo, our Police Chief David Darling, the Village Board Official Joe Kozoloski, the Town Board, Bob Antonelli and Peter Markou all came to support Matthew 25. I really appreciate you taking from your busy schedule to come out on a Sunday. Thank you very much.

Matthew 25 has increased in their numbers, with the help of our local dignitaries maybe we can get some assistance? Make sure you look at our photos!