Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Matthew 25 Food Pantry

Here we celebrated our

 10 Year Anniversary!

Thank you to ALL our volunteers!  You are the best of the best!  Matthew 25 is successful because of YOU!                                       I cannot THANK you enough!                  


Matthew 25 Food Pantry is a 501(c)3  non for profit food pantry. We are a community-based program that collects and stores food to distribute free of charge to low income families and individuals.


At Matthew 25 Food  Pantry we offer our community an effective and preplanned approach of handling emergency food assistance to those in need.   


It is no surprise that everyone is feeling the pinch by the economy right now. Gas prices are on the rise. Jobs are hard to come by and food prices keep going up

Many families are working at low paying jobs, they might have an unexpected emergency arise during the month or an illness occurs...for families without health benefits that can wipe out an entire month's income!


Matthew 25 provides a safety net for our community. Because of the recession more people are relying on food pantries than in recent times - including more and more "middle class" people.


Matthew 25 provides a three-five day supply of food to families and a one day emergency supply where needed. We share our love with members of the community with people who are less fortunate and who need a helping hand during these times.


The Matthew 25 Food Pantry is not subsidized by any government program, but as an agency partner with the Northeast Regional Food Bank in Latham, we are able to purchase discounted food each month.

We are so grateful for the food drives and the charitable donations which frequently appear at just the right time to help meet our needs.


 There are no paid staff and all charitable donations help in meeting the expenses of providing for food, clothing, personal hygiene and household goods.  Without your help, we couldn't help others.  Thank you.